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Puppy Preschool

        In Home Consultations       

 Pre Puppy Set Up Consultations



Adore The Paw owner and operator Casey has extensive experience and a particular passion for puppy training.  Adult dogs are often the reflection of how they have been raised as a puppy, and by their life experiences along the way. Casey's aim as a puppy trainer is to ensure that a puppy's life has started in the most positive way possible through training, environmental conditioning, good routines, socialisation and a safe home environment. 

Puppy Preschool

Puppies have a critical window for socialisation during 8 - 16 weeks and it is essential that puppy owners adequately socialise and train their puppy during this time. Everything a puppy experiences ( or doesnt experience ) will contribute in shaping them as an adult dog and how they respond to their environment.  Puppy pre-school helps to build confidence, focus and a positive bond between puppies and their owners.


What is covered in the course?

* Socialisation with people, puppies, sounds, environments

* Basic Training 

* Behaviour topics : Biting, Jumping, Toilet Training

* Independance development

* Understanding Dog Body Language 

 Duration and cost?

 Puppy Preschool runs for 4 weeks in total for 90 mins per class - $220.00 

Age requirements : 

Puppies must be between 8 - 16 weeks to join puppy preschool 

*It is highly recommended that puppies START school before the age of 12 weeks*

Locations : 

Glenhaven Veterinary Clinic - Hills District  

Winston Hills Veterinary Clinic , Winston Hills

Rouse Hill Family Vets - Rouse Hill

( Please call to enquire about the next available course dates) 

In Home Puppy Training

We offer private in home training if you feel there would be benefits to individual help with your puppy at home. Whether it be general manners and training or behavioural concerns we can tailor an individual plan for you and your puppy. 

Duration and Cost : 

Initial consultation = $250 ( 1.5-2  hours ) 

Repeat consultation = $180 ( 45 - 60 minutes ) 

* Travel fees apply for out of area customers

Package discount available on request pending training needs 

"Before The Paw" Pre Puppy Home Consultations : 

Pre Puppy Consultations are available to help new puppy or dog owners BEFORE welcoming their new fur baby.
Leaving mum and litter mates is a big adjustment and can be overwhelming for both the puppy and its new family! . We can help you be prepared to make this transition as smooth as possible. 
Having worked in Vet Clinics for a decade, Casey feels very strongly about puppy owners making informed choices, and supporting ethical and responsible breeders through education PRE purchase. Sadly there are many puppy farms and backyard breeders who do not raise puppies appropriately, and the resulting puppies can come with many behavioural and health issues.  If a breeder will not allow you to meet the puppies parents, home environment and observe the litter interacting, please consider these red flags and seek professional advice.
It is equally important to select a dog breed that suits your lifestyle. Many dogs are purchased and then surrendered before they reach adult hood because the needs of their breed cant be met due to time restrictions, space, cost of upkeep etc. For example, a kelpie or labrador rarely copes in an apartment or townhouse due to their physical and mental stimulation needs. Breed choice is so important. 
BEFORE THE PAW Consultations include 
* How to source a puppy from an ethical breeder or rescue 
* How to select a breed to match lifestyle
* How to choose a puppy: what to ask and observe
* Home recommendations for a set up area for the new puppy 
* Essential items for a new puppy 
* Settling the puppy into its new home 
* Toilet Training, Biting, Barking
Duration and cost : 
1.5 -2 hour in home consultation
* Travel surcharge applies for out of area customers

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