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Our services

Adore The Paw supports pet dog owners from new puppy beginnings right through to maintaining healthy and happy adult dogs. Below are the services we offer in the Sydney Hills District and Surrounds :

Puppy Pre-School & Pre Puppy Consults

We want to help you before and after you get your new fur baby!


  • Pre Puppy Set up Consultations

  • New Puppy Consultations

  • Puppy Pre-School Courses

We run Puppy Preschool Courses in the Hills District 

- Rouse Hill 

- Winston Hills

- Glenhaven 

Dog Training 

Dog training for all ages:  one on one training or group classes :

  • In home, personalised training consultations

  • Adolescent Dog Manners Courses

We run Adolescent Dog Training Courses in the Hills District and Western Sydney

Dog Grooming 

 One on One Salon Grooming at Rouse Hill 

  • Bath and dry

  • Tidy up, bath and dry

  • Body clip, bath and dry

  • Nail trimming, ear cleaning

Location : 

Rouse Hill: Address provided on booking

Bookings are by appointment only 

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