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About Adore The Paw

Adore The Paw offers professisonal Dog Training, Behaviour and Health Services in the Sydney Hills District and surrounds. 

Adore The Paw has been born out of a passion for all things dog, and to educate the wider public about responsible pet ownership. Our goal is to help pet owners be able to harmoniously live with happy and content dogs. Casey wants to help current puppy and dog owners as well as prospective puppy parents who need support and tips before purchasing or adopting their new best friend. 

We offer a range of behaviour and health services for dogs and puppies to assist with training, socialisation, meeting physical needs and having optimal health. 

Adore The Paw is owned and operated by Casey Lee who is a qualified Veterinary Nurse, Accredited Dog Trainer and a Fear Free Certified Professional. 

Casey has been working in the Animal Industry for 10 years and has worked with creatures great and small including pocket pets, dogs , cats, birds, horses and wildlife. She trains her dogs, horses and clients dogs with up to date, positive reinforcement methods. 

The happiness, health and safety of your dog or puppy is paramount to us, every dog is different and we have flexibility to cater to different needs.  

Casey's own rescue pooch Poppi suffered severe anxiety as a young puppy due to a lack of socialisation and was scared of everything new and unfamiliar. Working through Poppi's gradual exposure to the outside world was and still is a process and she is now able to enjoy adventuring away from home and being social . Casey has experience with anxious dogs and modifies training and handling for nervous dogs to help them cope and enjoy their experience.

Casey firmly believes in dogs being willing participants whether it be training, handling or grooming - if a dog is feeling threatened because they cannot communicate their uncertainty or discomfort they resort to other counter measures such as freezing, trying to escape or worst case aggressive displays. We ideally want to prevent, or at a minimum reduce a dog's level of fear, anxiety and stress.  A gentle approach with positive experiences is our aim for grooming and training.


Aggressive animals will be referred to a veterinary behaviourist and specialist trainer.

Our Team

Meet the team members of Adore The Paw. 


Security, treat taste tester, foot warmer, couch potato

Casey Lee 

Owner & operator

Dog Trainer and Veterinary Nurse 


Quality Control Product Testing, Snugglebunny

Our Team
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