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Dog Training : Private Lessons 

If you are wanting one on one assistance with your dog's training we can tailor a training program to address your concerns and help you reach your training goals for your dog. The initial consultation is usually at your home, for Casey to assess your dog in its home environment : how your dog interacts with a new visitor and what motivates your dog at home can be a good indicator of what will then work outside of home in a distracting environment. Lessons may also be at various parks and locations depending on the training program. 


$250 initial consultation( 1.5 - 2 hours)

$180 repeat lessons ( 45 - 60 minutes ) 

* Clients are required to complete a questionnaire prior to the private lesson

* A travel surcharge applies to areas outside the listed suburbs which can be quoted on booking

* Aggression cases may be referred directly to a veterinary behaviourist or specialist dog trainer

Dog training : Group Classes 

We regularly run Adolescent dog training classes in the Hills District and Western Sydney for puppies and dogs to continue their training. We teach positive training methods and ensure our dogs attending learn the basic foundations of good manners and impulse control. Our courses are aimed at pet dogs and teaching life skills that ensure our dogs are calm, happy and obedient both in home and out in public environments. 

Where : Hills District  

When : Please enquire for the next available course dates ( COVID may affect course availability)


Basic Foundations Course : 4 weeks ( for dogs or puppies who did not attend puppy preschool)

Manners Course : 6 weeks ( for dogs or puppies who have attended a puppy preschool/basic training)

Cost : $180 Basic Foundations / $240 Manners Course 

Age requirements : Dogs 4 months and older

* Classes are progressive week to week and are not casual, attendence is highly recommended for the entirely of the course. 

* Aggressive dogs are unable to attend group courses

* Leash Reactive dogs may be able to attend but at the discretion of the trainer : if your dog is reactive around other dogs you may require a private lesson before attending group classes. 



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